Hayward AquaSolar Pool Control GL-235


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Product Number: GL-235
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Full Description

Hayward AquaSolar Pool Control GL-235

Hayward's AquaSolar pool control allows you to set and maintain your ideal water temperature without the need to use your pool's heater. Using microprocessor based technology, the environmentally friendly AquaSolar pool control is easy to use, accurate, reliable, and will save you money. As America's best selling solar control, Hayward's AquaSolar automatically diverts the water flowing between your filter and heater, and reroutes it through the solar thermal collectors. There, the water is heated to the set temperature and circulated back into your pool or spa. The AquaSolar GL-235 can be set to automatically switch from solar pool heating in the daytime to nocturnal pool cooling at night. It's also able to maximize solar heat collection by automatically activating a 24V valve when solar heat is available.

AquaSolar Pool Control 235 Features:

  • Maintain a set temperature using your solar heater
  • Enables users to select their desired temperature and high limit
  • Includes an easy to read LED status indicator
  • Features programmable recirculation freeze protection
  • Allows for nocturnal cooling
  • Optional booster pump control
  • Includes a locking, weather proof enclosure
  • Installer programmable to adapt to any system
  • Easy to use
  • Designed for 12/24VAC and 120/240VAC output
  • NSF, cUL, and UL and approved
  • 5-year limited warranty

Hayward GL-235