Hayward CAT 5500 with Cellular Transceiver, Machined Flow Cell and RFS


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Product Number: CAT-5500075-CELL
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Full Description
Hayward CAT 5500 with Wi-Fi Transceiver, Machined Flow Cell and RFS

The CAT 5500 is the latest design with strong water chemistry controllers including TDS and salt monitoring. This automated controller is equipped with the latest control and sensing capabilities meant particularly for salt chlorine applications. This model is one of the best in convenience for monitoring pH, conductivity/NaCl, backup sanitation, and internet based monitoring. What really sets the CAT 5500 apart from other models is the wireless communicating controller, you can connect with the CAT 5500 from anywhere so long as you've got a PoolComm account an internet access.

The Hayward CAT 5500 with Wi-Fi Transceiver, Machined Flow Cell and RFS controls and monitors the following:
  • pH levels
  • ORP levels
  • Temperature
  • Water level
  • Tank level
  • Digital flow
  • Total dissolved Solids
  • NaCl
  • Backup sanitation
The System's features include:
  • Cellular transceiver
  • Wireless access
  • PVC backboard
  • Flow Cell/Flow Sensor
  • Installation kit
  • 1 auxiliary relay
  • Dual sanitizer set points for backup ORP control
  • Temperature sensor for heater control
  • Gold ORP sensor - for salt chlorination
  • Machined Flow Cell and Rotary Flow Sensor
Hayward CAT-5500075-CELL