Hayward ColorLogic Bubbler


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Product Number: WFB100
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Full Description
Hayward ColorLogic Bubbler

Add a beautiful, colorful cascade of water to your poolscape with the Hayward ColorLogic Bubbler. Water bubbles up to create a customizable cascading column. You have the ability to change the outer ring color using ColorLogic or CrystaLogic 320 and 180 for a wide variety of color options. Multiple nozzles are available to adjust column height and width, creating the perfect match for any pool environment. The bubbler has a small footprint and seamlessly integrates to the pool surface for a natural-looking, beautiful water feature. It can be installed anywhere from 2" to 12" below the waters surface, offering the best plume height and creating a wider variety of installation options.

Hayward ColorLogic Bubbler Features:
  • Creates a beautiful, bubbling cascade of water
  • Synchronized lighting
  • Variety of outer ring color options
  • Adjustable column width and height
  • Seamlessly matches any pool environment
  • Small footprint
  • Wide variety of installation options
  • Industry's best plume height
Note For Installers:
  • Two part, incorporated plaster ring design allows for adjustable angle or height to match the pool surface.
Hayward WFB100