Hayward Diver Dave Pool Cleaner


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Product Number: 700
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Full Description
Hayward Diver Dave Pool Cleaner

Had enough with manual pool cleaning maintenance? Want to start enjoying your pool more? Then throw a Diver Dave in your pool. That’s right. Diver Dave – the most intelligent above- ground-pool cleaner you can buy.

Using the patented SmartDrive programmed steering system, Diver Dave won’t miss a spot – gobbling up everything from microscopic dust to larger debris. And it does so automatically, giving you and your family more time to enjoy your pool.

The Diver Dave provides you with easy, trouble-free operation. You never need to empty or replace debris bags. And because Diver Dave works with your existing filtration system, no extra energy-consuming booster pump is required. Everything for simple, 10-minute-or-less installation is included – even the hoses.

Plus, it improves water circulation by acting as a moving main drain, pulling water from the bottom of your pool as it moves. Your water circulates and your pool stays cleaner – without the overuse of chemical sanitizers.

Diver Daves SmartDrive programmed steering cleans faster and more thoroughly than random cleaners. After you see how effortlessly it keeps your pool clean, you’ll never see a need to manually clean your pool again.

Diver Dave Specifications:
  • For use in Above-Ground Pools (flat bottom pools)
  • 32 Feet of Vacuum Hose
  • Includes Skimmer Cone and Instruction Video
Diver Dave Features:
  • SmartDrive Programmed Steering System
  • Turbine driven for silent and smoother operation.
  • Contoured cleaning head design.
  • Bumper ring to minimize friction on pool walls.
  • Improves water circulation.
  • Quiet operation without pulsating hoses or noisy parts.
  • Simple and quick installation takes less then 10 minutes and doesn't require tools.
Hayward 700