Hayward Jiffy Niche Spa Light Niche SP0608U - Vinyl/Fiberglass


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Product Number: SP0608U
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Hayward Jiffy Niche Spa Light Niche SP0608U

What makes the Hayward Underwater Lighting System so advanced? Start with its Jiffy Niche PVC niche series. Unlike metallic niches, Jiffy Niche is injection-molded of strong, durable PVC. Which means you can count on corrosion-free, all weather performance for years to come.

Reliability is further extended with Jiffy Niche socket conduit connection. Designed for quick and simple gluing to PVC pipe, the connection provides a cleaner, more durable seal when compared to threaded-type conduit connections. Plus, the conduit hub is an integral part of the molded niche, which offers extra durability during installation.

Jiffy Niches niches are injection-molded of PVC for superior performance, non-corrosive durability and plumbing versatility - plus the lowest installed cost. When paired with a Hayward ColorLogic or AstroLite ll light fixture, you have the best quality and value in a lighting system available anywhere.

DuraNiche Light Features:
Niche for Vinyl or Fiberglass Spas
Includes Duralon face plate, back-up ring, gaskets and screws.
Injection molded PVC fixture housing for corrosion free performance.
Socket conduit connection designed for quick and simple gluing to PVC pipe. Provides a clean, reliable seal.
Incorporates the dependability of Hayward's proven wall panel sealing method.
U.L. approved sweep elbow fitting, coupling and reducer meets the highest standard and provide the most convenient installation (included).
Niche has a 45 degree 1" outlet, which can be adjusted for top or rear conduit connection using the 45 degree U.L. approved sweep elbow (included).
1" outlet can quickly be converted to 3/4" with a U.L approved adapter (included).
Easily accessible connections for grounding/bonding.
Screw on mounting nut design that doesn't require screws to mount to the spa wall.
Standard 6" hole size
Internally-threaded connection for pressure testing of conduit line.
Comes with installation tool
UL Listed

Hayward SP0608U