Hayward ProLogic Automation System PL-P-4


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Product Number: PL-P-4
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Hayward ProLogic Automation System PL-P-4

With the ProLogic pool automation system, you'll find the best value in the industry, while still providing all of the control necessary for your perfect pool experience. The Prologic system takes the work out of owning a pool or spa by allowing you to automate all of the work intensive functions such as filtration, heating, balancing PH, sanitization, salt chlorination, chemicals, cleaning, custom LED light shows and more. Automating these essential pool and spa functions saves you money and time spent maintaining your pool. ProLogic is a scalable and flexible line that offers three different models so you can find the right level of control to fit your needs.

Hayward ProLogic PL-P-4 Features:

  • Control up to 4 pieces of equipment, 1 heater and a solar heaters
  • Control system flow and to enjoy unique water features by automating up to 3 rotating valves
  • Features 4 controllable speed pumps
  • Use with your pool, spa or both by using shared or dual equipment
  • Features Sense and Dispense, Total Pool Chemistry Automation
  • Save up to 70% on your energy bill by using a 2-Speed or Variable Speed Pump
  • Use with wired or wireless remotes
  • Designed for use with ColorLogic LED Lights Automation
  • Compatible with Hayward's AquaConnect remote pool management, giving you full control from your iPhone, iPad and Android app
  • Turn on several features at once with the simple push of a button.

Hayward PL-P-4