Hayward ProLogic PS-8 Wired Wall Remote AQL2-WW-PS-8


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Product Number: AQL2-WW-PS-8
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Full Description

Hayward ProLogic PS-8 Wired Wall Remote AQL2-WW-PS-8

This ProLogic wired wall mount remote includes a digital display and keypad, allowing you to control your ProLogic PS-8 control system from inside your home. With the ability to wire up to 3 remotes to your ProLogic system, you can enjoy remote programming and control of all your automatic functions.


  • Designed for use with the ProLogic PS-8 system
  • Install up to 3 wired remotes
  • Remotes may be placed up to 500 ft from your main control unit
  • Convenient LED on/off indicators for all equipment
  • Allows for manual operation of all equipment
  • Complete programing and control of your automatic functions
  • Turn off all equipment at once with a single System Off button
  • Be sure to order the correct model to match your system type
  • Includes standard 4 conductor cable

Hayward AQL2-WW-PS-8