Hayward Stratum VRS Stratum VR1000


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Product Number: VR1000
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Full Description
Hayward Stratum VRS Stratum VR1000

Stratum Vacuum Release System is a pump controller and monitoring system that is electrically connected to your pool pump. It will detect if there are any malfunctions happening throughout your pump such as, electrical problems, plumbing or piping issues, and clogged drains, which can ultimately damage your pump systems. Since your pump is being monitored you won't have to worry about its mechanical operations any longer.

The system monitors and recognizes vacuum and water pressure and electrical changes. When these changes do occur the VRS will shut down the pump and vent the suction line. The automatic soft start will notify you and swimmers of pump start-up. Pump restart should happen automatically, but depending on the issue there is a manual start option.

The system is self sufficient and can work independently without overview of its operations. Your pump will run smoothly under the care and preventative actions taken by the VRS. There are timers on this machine for on and off times that can be manually set. Your pump is being looked after with logic and technology that will notify you and take action if something is wrong with your pump.

One of the best things about having a pump monitoring system is that it can prevent entrapment if someone gets entrapped underwater by a high power suction pump. When the entrapment happens, the monitoring system will recognize the change in suction and will automatically shut the pump down and the swimmer will instantly be released. Stratum is certified and meets local and federal law requirements.

The system operates in four modes of monitoring; start-up/pulsing, stabilizing, monitoring, and vacuum anomaly detection. The system will automatically move through these stages to provide the most accurate regulation of pump operations for the existing condition or situation. All necessary information for operation and installation is provided in the Stratum owner's manual.

Stratum VRS Features:
  • Vacuum Safety Release System for swimming pools or spas.
  • Monitors pump operations and will notify you of any unusual occurrences and take preventative action.
  • Monitors electrical, piping and plumbing, clogged drains, vacuum suction rate, and air and water flow.
  • Turns off power to the pump and vents the suction line to atmosphere.
  • Automatic restart the system in protection mode to eliminate nuisance tripping.
  • Capable of monitoring suction lines for single speed or two speed pumps, with or without a booster pump, that share a common suction line.
  • Complete internal system test during every start-up prior to the monitoring phase.
  • During each start-up, Stratum VRS adjusts to current operational parameters of the system.
  • Designed for use with single phase pumps up to 3 H.P. or larger or 3-phase pumps require additional motor control equipment.
  • For use in suction lift or in-flooded suction.
  • Seven-day programmable timer.
  • Complies with ASME A112.19.17 and ASME F2387-04.
  • Compliant to the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.
  • Meets UL Std 1563 as well as certified to Can/CSA Std. C27.2 Number 218.1.
  • Moves throughout stages of monitoring start-up/pulsing, stabilizing, and vacuum anomaly detection.
  • Will shut pump off if there is a case of entrapment.
Hayward VR1000