Hayward TriStar 75 GPM Waterfall Pump SP36075EE


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Product Number: SP36075EE
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Full Description
Hayward 75 GPM TriStar Waterfall Pump SP36075EE

The TriStar Pump is built to last and is used on in-ground pool waterfalls of all types and sizes. The pump uses full-flow hydraulics to provide great flow at a lower operating cost. This energy efficient hydraulic system allows for using less horse power, and overall you can save up to 60 percent less electricity than a standard single speed pump. It is also 60 percent more quiet than standard pumps.

This waterfall pump is a low-head, high flow pump. The piping system should be designed such that the discharge of the waterfall, spillway or cascade is no more than 10 feet above the surface of the water in the pool. This pump is heavy-duty, energy efficient and uses highly valued pump and hydraulic technology. It features a large debris capacity basket that ensures easy debris removal. It is specifically designed for waterfalls, spillways, and negative-edge pool applications.

TriStar Waterfall Pump Features:
  • Energy Efficient Pump with 60 Percent Less Use of Electricity
  • Designed for Waterfalls, Spillways, and Negative-Edge Pool Applications
  • Low-Head / High-Flow for high volume waterfalls
  • Full Rated Single Speed Motor
  • 75 Gallons Per Minute
  • Operates on 115 Volts or 230 Volts
  • 2" X 2-1/2" Union Connections
  • For In-Ground Pool Waterfalls
  • Advanced Hydraulic Design
  • Save on Energy Costs
  • Large pump basket with no-rib design with large debris capacity
  • Tri-Lock cam and ramp strainer cover sealing
  • Pressure tested to 50 psi maximum
  • 60 Percent Quieter than standard single-speed pumps
Hayward SP36075EE