Head Jaguar LSR Swim Masks

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Head Jaguar LSR Swim Masks

Jaguar LSR Swim Masks are designed for the ultimate in comfort and performance in almost all types of water sports. Great for triathletes, open water swimmers, surfers, water skiers, kite boarders and more... Don't want water in your eyes but want a comfortable mask? These are for you. Water Sport series masks provide a secure and extra comfortable fit with excellent vision.

The shape of the mask establishes a natural connection between the face and the lenses drastically reduce vibration during high speed swimming. The hydrodynamic lenses compliment the face and provide the widest field of vision possible and at the same time reduces optical distortions in turbulent or underwater experiences.

Jaguar LSR Swim Mask Features:
Liquid Silicone - Uses high quality liquid injection silicone.
No Fog - Lenses are specially treated and impregnated into the lens to ensure that vision remains clear.
UV 100% - Provides eye protection against harmful ultra violet rays.
RAS - Rapid adjustment system for quick adjustments for a customized fit.
Max View - Wide angle lens provides enhanced peripheral visibility.
Pouch - A soft protective pouch is included for protection when not in use.