Jandy 6" Extended Lip Sheer Curtain Waterfall 1202CSC - Clear Lip


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Product Number: 1202CSC
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Full Description
Jandy 6" Extended Lip Sheer Curtain Waterfall 1202CSC - Clear Lip

Sheer Curtain Waterfalls produce a clear curtain of water that descends straight down from the unit. It is ideal for cantilever and swim-out installations. If this product is installed on a wall, the wall will be saturated by water giving it a refreshing look. The other option is to have it extend out from the wall, giving it a free-fall style.

Sheer curtain waterfalls make for a remarkable addition to any new, remodeled, or existing pool or spa. This will create a relaxed and elegant feel to any pool area, which will allow the swimmers to enjoy an enticing feature. This attraction is appealing to the eye and raises the standard for in-ground pools.

  • 6" Extended Lip Waterfall
  • 2 Feet in Length
  • Creates a clear sheet of water that descends gracefully to the pool surface.
  • Clear Lip
  • X-Baffle Construction
  • PVC Construction
  • Water feeds from the back of the waterfall.

Waterfalls naturally narrow as they fall. Waterfalls should not be installed more than 3 1/2 feet above the water surface or the sheet will start to break up.

One of the advantages of the Sheer Curtain Waterfall is the ability to provide a continuous sheet of water with a minimum of water flow. As a general rule, the Sheer Curtain Waterfall requires approximately 12 gallons per minute per foot. For a more dramatic effect, more water gallonage can be applied to project the waterfall further away from the wall.

Jandy 1202CSC