Jandy 6" Extended Lip Sheer Rain Waterfall 1206CSR - Clear Nozzle


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Product Number: 1206CSR
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Full Description
Jandy 6" Extended Lip Sheer Rain Waterfall 1206CSR - Clear Nozzle

Sheer Rain Waterfalls provide streams of water and project them away from the lip of the waterfall at a 45 degree angle. The rain effect creates a natural, yet unique waterfall sight and sound, which reminds one of being deep in the amazon jungle or rain forest. Kids and adults will have a grand time swimming underneath the refreshing waterfall raindrops, or relaxing to the blissful sound of a steady stream of water.

Sheer Rain Waterfalls truly commit to a unique style of fall that would make for a remarkable addition to any new, remodeled, or existing pool or spa. This will create a relaxed and elegant feel to any pool area which allows swimmers to enjoy an enticing feature. This attraction is appealing to the eye and raises the standard for in-ground pools.

  • 6" Extended Lip Waterfall
  • 6 Feet in Length
  • Creates exciting clear rain streams that descend abundantly to the pool surface.
  • Clear Nozzle
  • X-Baffle Construction
  • PVC Construction
  • Water feeds from the back of the waterfall.

One of the advantages of the Sheer Rain Waterfall is the ability to provide a continuous stream of water with a minimum of water flow. As a general rule, Sheer Rain Waterfall requires approximately 8 gallons per minute per foot. For a more dramatic effect, more water gallonage can be applied to project the waterfall further away from the wall.

Jandy 1206CSR