Kemp USA 40" YMCA Rescue Tube 10-207-RED-YMCA


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Product Number: 10-207-RED-YMCA
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Full Description

Kemp USA 40" YMCA Rescue Tube 10-207-RED-YMCA

Kemp's YMCA Rescue Tube was specially designed for use by the YMCA. This unique rescue tube comes with features not found in other rescue tubes. Kemp's YMCA Rescue Tube includes a special pocket that is molded directly onto the tube, and is able to hold a CPR mask. It also features brass clips, and an extra-long line that enables rescuers to engage in deep water descents.

Kemp YMCA Rescue Tube Features:

  • 40" length
  • Specially designed for the YMCA
  • Includes a pocket to hold a CPR mask
  • Features brass clips
  • Includes an extra-long line for deep descents

Kemp 10-207-RED-YMCA