Kemp USA Ambu BVM Infant 10-508


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Product Number: 10-508
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Kemp USA Ambu BVM Infant 10-508

This Kemp Ambu BVM (Bag Valve Mask) is simple and easy to use, and features a smaller design for use with infant patients. These quality BVMs provide positive pressure ventilation to resuscitate patients who are not breathing, or who are not breathing enough. The bag included in Kemp's BVM is easy to use, and highly responsive, with very little mechanical resistance. Kemp's unique design enables the BVM to be smaller and lighter than most other disposable BVM units, while still allowing for optimum stroke volume and perfect recoil. Kemp's BVM also includes a handle that allows the user to hold the light weight unit in one hand and ventilate the patient using the other hand. Designed for constant visual feedback, Kemp's BVM features a transparent valve housing to ensure a clear view of the valve operation, and the slim design allows the user to better view the mask throughout the resuscitation. Kemp's BVMs are the only BVMs available that are constructed using SEBS material instead of PVC, eliminating cross contamination, and making them disposable and environmentally friendly.


  • For use with infants
  • Low mechanical resistance
  • Designed for optimum stroke volume
  • Transparent valve housing
  • SEBS material

Kemp USA 10-508