Kemp USA Bengal 60 Whistle 10-426

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Kemp USA Bengal 60 Whistle 10-426

Kemp's Bengal 60 Whistle is designed to give you quality and reliability for a cheaper price. The Bengal 60 Whistle features a loud, clear sound that can be heard above traffic, waves, thunder, wind, and other loud ambient noises. It's also engineered with self-clearing chambers that empty when the whistle is submerged in water. With no moving parts to break or jam, the Bengal 60 Whistle provides long lasting value. This whistle includes the same features as Kemp's FOX40 whistle, but for a fraction of the cost.

Kemp Bengal Whistle Features:

  • Includes self-clearing chambers for water use
  • Engineered with no moving parts
  • Features a loud, clear sound
  • Will not freeze, jam, or deteriorate
  • Provides quality and value for a lower price

Kemp 10-426