Kemp USA Bloodborne Kit in Hard Case 10-597


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Product Number: 10-597
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Kemp USA Bloodborne Kit in Hard Case 10-597

Kemp's Bloodborne Kit cleans up traces of blood that remain even after washing the area with water. Most states mandate that each pool area contains a bloodborne cleanup kit, and this kit fulfills that requirement. Kemp's bloodborne kit contains an eye shield and gown for added protection. It also includes: fluid-solidifying powder, bio-scoop with detachable scraper, germicidal cloth, bio-hazard bag with tie, BZK towelette, medical grade gloves, trash bag with tie, and paper towels. All items come in a hard carrying case.


  • Eliminates blood that is left after normal cleaning
  • Features a hard carrying case
  • Fulfills state safety requirements
  • Eye shield
  • Fluid-solidifying powder
  • Bio-scoop with detachable scraper
  • Germicidal cloth
  • Bio-hazard bag with tie
  • BZK towelette
  • Medical grade gloves
  • Trash bag with tie
  • Paper towels
  • Kemp USA 10-597