Kemp USA CPR Mask w/ O2 Inlet 10-501


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Product Number: 10-501
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Kemp USA CPR Mask w/ O2 Inlet 10-501

This Kemp CPR Mask, complete with head strap and O2 inlet, is Kemp's best selling CPR mask. Kemp's CPR masks are designed to prevent mouth to mouth contact with the victim in an emergency situation, and come with the valve and filter fully assembled, saving valuable time in an emergency. This mask features a contoured soft vinyl cuff that conforms easily to fit adult, child, and infant faces. Kemp's CPR mask features their patented one-way valve and filter, plus a clear dome that enables the user to check the victim's mouth for secretions and lip color. It also includes a pocket sized, hard shelled carrying case, gloves, and a wipe.


  • Head strap
  • O2 inlet
  • Fully assembled valve and filter
  • One-way valve
  • Clear dome
  • Soft vinyl cuff

Kemp USA 10-501