Kemp USA Metal Pea Whistle 10-424


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Product Number: 10-424
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Full Description

Kemp USA Metal Pea Whistle 10-424

Kemp's Metal Pea Whistle is designed for quality and value. This durable whistle is made of solid brass, and includes nickel plating over the entire whistle. The Kemp Pea Whistle features a tapered mouthpiece for comfort, and provides a superior sound. This whistle is similar to the Acme 60½ whistle, and may only be ordered by the dozen.

Kemp Metal Pea Whistle Features:

  • Solid brass construction
  • Includes nickle plating throughout
  • Features a tapered mouthpiece
  • Similar to the Acme 60½ whistle
  • Must be ordered in quantities by the dozen

Kemp 10-424