Kemp USA Mylar Blanket 10-601


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Product Number: 10-601
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Full Description

Kemp USA Mylar Blanket 10-601

Kemp's Mylar Blanket is a small foil blanket that is designed for first aid and emergency situations. This multipurpose blanket can be used to help regulate body temperature, as an emergency shelter, as a reflective distress signal, and as protection from the elements. Kemp's Mylar Blanket can also be used in an emergency as a protective wrap for victims of accidents, fire, shock, or exposure. This aluminized, non-stretch polyester blanket has the ability to reflect the body's heat back to the user, keeping the user warm despite its lightweight construction. Kemp's mylar blanket is wind and waterproof, and is able to stay flexible in freezing temperatures. Plus, this blanket will never rot or mildew. The compact design allows the blanket to fit easily into first aid kits, glove compartments, bags, and pockets.

Kemp Mylar Blanket Features:

  • Engineered to reduce heat loss
  • Made from heat reflective material
  • Designed to be wind and water proof
  • Compact design for easy storage and transporting
  • May be used as a distress signal in an emergency
  • Ideal as part of a first aid kit

Kemp USA 10-601