Kemp USA Solid Pull Buoy 14-002


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Product Number: 14-002
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Full Description

Kemp USA Solid Pull Buoy 14-002

Kemp's Solid Pull Buoy is designed to help swimmers practice proper positioning and improve their stroke technique. It is especially useful for the freestyle and backstroke. Using a pull buoy helps to build upper body strength, while still isolating and strengthening the legs. It also increases the swimmer's awareness of their body rotation in the water. Kemp's Solid Pull Buoy is light blue and white, and is constructed using durable EVA foam. This pull buoy is made to last, and will not break or chip under normal use.

Kemp Solid Pull Buoy Features:

  • Enables swimmers to practice positioning and stroke technique
  • Ideal for the freestyle and backstroke
  • Helps build upper body and leg strength
  • Enhances swimmer's sense of body rotation
  • Made from strong and durable EVA foam
  • Indestructible under normal use
  • Features a light blue and white color scheme

Kemp 14-002