Levolor Electronic Water Leveling System With 100 ft Sensor and Valve K2000CKC


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Product Number: K2000CKC
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Full Description
Jandy Levolor Water Level Management System K2000CKC

The Levolor Fill with High Level Switch water leveling system is used where a consistent water level is desired and a high level setting is detected. Ideal for vanishing edge and perimeter overflow pools or fountains. This model will automatically turn on the vanishing edge pump and fill the catch basin to test water level. The K-2000 Series Levolor systems require a relay (R0658100) suitable for operating a pump (ordered separately). The K2000CKC Kit contains a sensor, remote sensor housing, control box, and solenoid valve.

The Levolor K2000CKC System Features:
Wall Mount Controller
Controller is wired 220 Volt from the factory and are field adjustable for 110 volt installations.
Slip Type Sensor with 100 feet of cord.
24 VAC 1" Solenoid Valve.
Five LED Indicator Lights - Power, Sensor, Filling, High Water Sensor and High Water Pump.
No moving parts
No extra in-deck canisters or under-deck pressurized fill lines.
Waterproof enclosure and suitable for mechanical room environments.
Ideal for pools, spas, fountains and ponds where evaporation and splash out is common.
Time-out sequence guarantees against overfilling and hiding leaks.
ETL Listed.

The Levolor K2000 Series water level management systems detect low water conditions and automatically replaces water to a pre-set level. Can be used in any situation where consistent water level is desired. Ideal for new or existing pool and spa systems.

Easily maintain water level without a hose - With Levolor you'll never need to fill you pool with a garden hose. Levolor replaces the water in your pool that is lost due to evaporation and splashing automatically.

Sophisticated electronics - Levolor's unique electronics compensate for waves, will not overfill your pool, and sense the water level without moving parts.

Protect equipment and appearance - Low water level can cause permanent damage to your pool's equipment. Keep your pool looking and performing at it's peak with Levolor.

Known As:
Zodiac K2000CKC
Jandy K2000CKC