Natural Chemistry Spa Stain and Scale - 16 Oz.


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Full Description

Natural Chemistry Spa Stain and Scale - 16 Oz.

Natural Chemistry Spa Stain and Scale works to prevent mineral and calcium buildup in addition to stopping staining caused by excessive metal accumulation in spa water. Scale buildup can damage spa equipment like heaters, pumps, salt generators, jets, etc.

Stain and Scale works by keeping calcium and metals suspended in solution so they are unable to deposit on hot tub surfaces. Like most stain and scale preventer, it does not physically remove the elements (calcium, metal) from water and does not negatively affect readings when the water is tested.

Product features:

  • Prevents scale buildup and caused by minerals in the water like calcium
  • Controls staining caused by metals in the water (copper, iron, etc.)
  • Phosphate-free formula
  • Compatible with all hot tub surfaces
  • Works with most sanitizing systems with the exception of biguanides
  • 16 oz. bottle

Recommended dosage:

  • First treatment: Add 8 oz/200 gallons of water directly into spa
  • Weekly treatment: Add 1 oz/200 gallons directly into spa