Natural Chemistry Spa METALfree


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Full Description

Natural Chemistry Spa METALfree

Natural Chemistry Spa METALfree prevents staining and damage done to your hot tub caused by trace metal in the water like iron and copper.

METALfree is a chelating agent that keeps metals in solution so they aren’t able to stain hot tub surfaces. It does not remove the metals from the water and will not affect metal readings when you test your spa water.

 Spa METALfree features:
  • Prevents staining and discoloration cause by metal in the water
  • Chelates iron, copper, and other trace amounts of metal
  • Increases water clarity
  • Formula is phosphate free
  • 33.9 oz. bottle
Dosage Amounts:
  • First dose – Add 4 oz./400 gallons of spa water after each initial fill as well as after each drain and refill
  • Weekly dose – Add 1 oz./400 gallons of water, weekly