Nature 2 Cense Shock – Quiet Escape - 2 Pounds


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Full Description
Nature 2 Cense Shock - Quiet Escape 2 Lbs

Nature 2 Cense Shock combines the strength of MPS, a powerful oxidizer, with the pleasures of aromatherapy - the natural antidote to everyday stress. Nature 2 Cense non-chlorine shock provides oxygen infused aromas for spas and hot tubs and eliminates organic wastes such as oils, ammonia, perspiration etc. It also helps eliminate chlorine odor causing contaminants, eye and skin irritants and cloudy hot tub water. Start enjoying the many benefits of non-chlorine shock treatments and enjoy the fresh scent of Quiet Escape.

Directions for use:
For spa start-up refer to Nature 2 Owners Manual. For regular use add 1 tablespoon (approx - 1.5 Ounces/or 16 grams) per 250 gallons of hot tub water before each use. Cast Cense into the spa while the spa is under continuous circulation with the cover off until the product is fully dissolved. Test for MPS with Nature 2 Spa Test Strips (or equivalent) after allowing enough time for the product to be properly dissolved. If the Nature 2 test strips (or equivalent) fail to indicate the MPS levels in the 9-12 ppm range add another dose (1 tablespoon per 250 gallons) and re-test before entering the spa. After each spa use add 1 tablespoon of Cense to 250 gallons of hot tub water. Allow time for the product to dissolve before turning off the spa jets.

Shock as needed when unpleasant odors or eye irritation occur, after heavy wind or rainstorms (if your spa was not covered), or if foam develops with a Chlorine Based Shock to remedy problems which may occur when bather loads are high or when water appears hazy or dull.

When properly used, Nature 2 Cense Shock will help you sanitizer work more efficiently.

Active Ingredients:
Potassium Peroxymonosulfate... 36%
Other Ingredients... 64%
Total... 100%

Active Oxygen 3.8%, typical

Quiet Escape Nature 2 Cense