Nature 2 Cense Shock – Island Pleasures - 2 Pounds


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Nature 2 Cense Shock – Island Pleasures - 2 Pounds

Nature 2 Cense Shock- Island Pleasures is a product that combines the strength MPS, a powerful oxidizing agent, with the benefits of aromatherapy which combats everyday stress. Nature 2 Cense non-chlorine shock provides oxygen-infused aromas for hot tubs that also eliminates organic waste like oil, ammonia, sweat etc. Nature 2 Cense Shock also helps rid the water of chlorine odor-causing contaminants, eye and skin irritants, and cloudy spa water. Enjoy the benefits of a non-chlorine shock while enjoying the fresh scent of Island Pleasures.


  • Put Cense into the spa while the spa is circulating with the cover OFF until the product is fully dissolved.
  • Test for MPS with Nature 2 Spa Test Strips or similar product after allowing enough time for the product to be properly dissolved
  • If the test strips fail to indicate MPS levels between 9-12 ppm, add another dose and re-test before using
  • Allow time for the product to dissolve before turning off spa jets
  • Shock as needed when odor or eye irritation occurs, after an intense storm (especially if the spa was uncovered), if foaming occurs, or water becomes hazy.

Recommended dosage:

  • For initial dose, refer to Nature 2 Owner’s Manual
  • For regular use, add 1 Tablespoon (1.5 oz/16 grams) per 250 gallons of hot tub water before each use.

When used properly Nature 2 Cense Shock helps your sanitizer work more effectively.

Active ingredients:

  • 36% - Potassium peroxymonosulfate
  • 64% - Other
  • 3.8% active oxygen

Island Pleasures Nature 2 Cense