Nexa Chlor Chlorine Generator - Dead Sea Minerals

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Product Number: NS1-120V
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Full Description

Nexa Chlor Chlorine Generator - Dead Sea Minerals

Nexa Chlor Chlorine Generator is a spa chlorine generator that requires a relatively small amount of salt to produce enough chlorine to sanitize your hot tub. The Nexa Chlor system works by turning sodium chloride (mineral salt) into chlorine through the electrolysis process. After the chlorine has been used, it returns to salt. This process takes place cyclically, producing chlorine continuously to sanitize your spa water.

Product features:

  • Requires only a small amount of salt for proper operation
  • Easy to use system, requires access to GFCI outlet
  • Reverses polarity for clean cells
  • Salt in the water is soft and comfortable for bathers
  • Doesn’t require any structural modifications to the spa
  • Only requirement is additional salt when new water is added
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty

Included in Nexa Chlor system:

  • Nexa Chlor system
  • System Timer
  • (1)    Nexa Dead-Sea Minerals (4 bags required for initial treatment of 500 gallons)
  • Salt test strips for measuring proper salt levels in the water

Why use Nexa Minerals?

Nexa Chlor Dead Sea minerals are 100% mineral salt that allows users to soak in the magnesium and potassium-rich water that improves muscle function, cell reconstruction, and nerve cell rejuvenation. Your spa water will be soft and smooth like you’ve never known.

Product Note:

Your spa water should be maintained at a salt rate between 2500-3000 ppm in the water for the unit to generate chlorine. The salt does not leave your hot tub water except for water splahing out. Each bag of Nexa Dead Sea minerals will add 1500 ppm of salt to the spa water per every 250 gallons. You can also use pool salt meant for pool chlorine generators to increase those salt levels.

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