Nirvana Heat Pump Heat/Cool 93,000 BTU / 59,500


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Product Number: C95
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Full Description
Nirvana Heat Pump Heat/Cool 93,000 BTU / 59,500

The Nirvana Heat Pump transfers heat from the ambient air to the pool water to effectively and economically heater your swimming pool. It features a double coil titanium heat exchanger that is resistant to corrosion caused by pool water, chlorine and salt water. A Heat Pump can heat the pool water more efficiently and for a fraction of the cost of gas. This model not only heats the pool but also includes a cooling mode to help lower water temperature when it is hotter than you want.

Nirvana Heat Pump Features:
  • Swimming Pool Heat Pump
  • 93,000 BTU Heat / 59,500 Cool
  • 240 Volts
  • 2" Intake and Discharge
  • COP of 7.4 (80/80/80) and 6.2 (80/80/63 - AHRI independently tested)
  • Unique fiberglass casing that is extremely durable, easy to clean and reduces noise levels (very quiet 54 decibels)
  • Compatible with pool automation systems
  • Scroll compressor that is encase in a specially designed cabinet for added protection and to reduce noise
  • Titanium double coil heat exchanger with large surface are for efficient heat transfer
  • Heat exchanger is housed in a 14" diameter nylon can that reduces velocity and erosion while maximizing heat transfer.
  • Oversized Blue Fin evaporator for improved performance
  • Swept wing fan blade reduces noise
  • R410A Refrigerant that is clean and efficient
  • Electronic control board for easy operation
  • Refrigeration system discharge is insulated to improve performance
  • Corrosion inhibiting coating on all components
  • Electronic and intelligent defrost system
  • Thermostatic expansion valve regulates the refrigerant flow according to outside temperatures
  • Refrigerant filter dryer protects the compressor and refrigerant circuit
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 5 Years parts and labor cover to cover, 10 years on the compressor, lifetime on the titanium coil exchanger and 15 years on the fiberglass casing
Nirvana C95