Olympic Poxolon 2 Epoxy Pool Paint

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Full Description
Olympic Poxolon 2 Epoxy Pool Paint

Epoxy pool paint is the longest lasting type of pool paint available to protect your swimming pool surfaces. Epoxy paint becomes very hard and non-porous when it cures and is less sensitive to you pool waters chemical balance.

Poxolon 2 is easy to apply to your pool surface, easy to clean and has an expectant life of up to 5 years.

Poxolon 2 Paint Features:
  • Long life of up to 5 years per application
  • Non-porous, ceramic-like finish
  • Two finish coats of paint per application
  • Cures hard and is less sensitive to your water chemical balance
  • High gloss finish
Coverage Per Gallon:
  • Each Gallon of Poxolon 2 Paint will cover approximately 225 to 250 square feet of pool surface area.
Color Options:
  • Pool Surface: White, Bikini Blue, Blue Ice, Blue Mist and Black
  • Bright Accent Colors: Sunshine Yellow, Red Pepper, Spanish Blue and Viking Blue
How to Apply:
  • The paint can be applied using either a paint roller or airless spray equipment.
  • If the existing surface is rough, prime the surface first with Gunzite primer before applying the paint. If the surface is smooth, prime it with Poxoprime II before application of Poxolon 2 or Zeron finish coat. Poxoprime II, or Gunzite primer, are required on a bare surfaces only. On re-coats of Poxolon 2 Epoxy Paint, a primer is not necessary. If spot priming is required, use Gunzite Primer. Poxoprime II should only be used on never before coated smooth plaster and concrete.
  • As a general rule, you need to use the same type coating that is currently your pool if you are painting over an existing, painted surface. (i.e. epoxy over epoxy, rubber base over rubber base, acrylic over acrylic).