Air Pumps

Paddleboard Air Pumps

An inflatable SUP may be the perfect board choice for you if you have limited transportation and storage options. While an inflatable board takes up less space, it does require an extra bit of equipment—a quality and dependable air pump. Sunplay carries excellent and reliable pump options like the Solstice High-Pressure SUP Pump and the Naish Inflatable SUP Pump.

The Solstice has a pressure capacity of 15 PSI and a large pressure gauge so you always know you’re getting the correct amount of air in your stand up paddleboard—an important measurement if you want to have stability and strength under your feet. The Solstice pump has a standard H3 valve that is used on all Solstice inflatable boards and used by most SUP manufacturers which makes it practically universal. This single action pump is built to last with durable construction and quality materials. This pump also comes with a convenient carrying case to make it easy to take with you when you’re on the go.

The Naish Inflatable SUP pump has a similar pressure capacity of 14.8 PSI and a large pressure gauge for accurate inflation. This pump is made to fit almost any inflatable paddleboard or other inflatable items with its large non-link hose and 7 sizes of interchangeable connecting nozzles. It’s a single action pump that is made to last and constructed using reliable materials.