Auto Racks

Paddleboard Auto Racks

Stand up paddleboarding (or SUP) has become the fastest growing watersport in the country. It’s a worthwhile activity that is not only popular among coastal dwellers with access to the ocean, but also with landlocked paddle enthusiasts who are near a lake or river. No matter where you live, you have the chance to become a proficient and accomplished paddleboarder. Some of the factors that may preclude someone from buying a paddleboard and genuinely getting into the sport, however, may be ease of transportation. If you are considering buying a paddleboard but don’t have a truck or an easy way to take what can be a sometimes bulky board from point A to B, check out Sunplay’s array of auto racks and find one that will work for you.

From trusted brands who know transportation like Thule and FCS, Sunplay has an auto rack available in all kinds of styles and price points. FCS has hard and soft rack pads, tailgate systems, and bungy tie downs. They are all meant to fit most vehicles while protecting both your board and car or truck from scrapes and scuffs during transportation. They are easy to adjust and secure and many are capable of holding multiple boards at a time. FCS even makes a bungy lock down system that allows you to securely fasten your board to your rack and with a combination lock, discouraging theft if you have to leave your board on the car roof.

The Thule systems are a more permanent option for those who don’t want to continually install and remove an auto rack system before they head off to SUP. With options like the Thule SUP Paddleboard Taxi, Thule Sup Paddleboard Shuttle, and Thule Get-a-Grip Paddle Carrier, you know you will have high quality way to take your boards from place to place with a system that is made exclusively for SUP. If you’re looking for a more universal transportation system, we have those too.

Choose an auto rack that works for you based on permanence, padding, capacity, and locking options.