Paddleboard Bags

A quality stand up paddleboard and accompanying paddle can be a significant investment. It’s common to believe that the most wear and tear happens on SUPs during use, transportation and storage are sometimes the most damaging times in the life of a board. If you want to protect your investment, adding one of our board and paddle bags from quality manufacturers Dakine and FCS you can keep your SUP and paddle safe at all times.

Sunplay carries board bags from FCS and Dakine that are meant to accommodate boards varying in size from 6’10” up to 14’, race boards, and FCS provides two options that are adjustable in size in either a narrow or wide option. The Dakine SUP bags protect your paddleboard using a heat and water resistant tarpaulin bottom to ward of extreme heat. The bottom and nose of the bag have a ¼” thick padding for extra cushion. Use the top zipper for easy entry and compression straps for a secure fit.

The FCS bags also has a heat reflective silver paneling for added protection from the sun and a thermal gauge that lets you know if your board is overheating (something that may lead to warping or damaging expansion). It also features convenient handles on the side of the cover to allow for easy carrying at a perfect balance point. The integrated airflow ventilation feature makes it easy for air to circulate instead of possibly turning stagnate and overheating.

It’s easy to remember to protect your big, expensive board but don’t forget about your paddle! We have Dakine bags for those, too. Whether you’re just using a cover to protect the blade or you want a completely covered option, the Dakine paddle covers are made of a durable polyester and soft fleece to safeguard the blade. The bags have a handle for convenience and will help ward off the kinds of dings and dents that can really affect its longevity.