Paddleboard Repair

With any board sport, you expect to gradually accumulate a certain amount of dings and dents over the course of use. SUP can be a mellow sport or fast paced and extreme, but no matter how careful you are, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with some minor damage over time. Minor repairs to fix dings and scratches are easy enough to fix yourself, although larger gouges may require a professional.

Before you resort to repairing your stand up paddleboard, practice a few preventative measures so that you don’t encounter any major issues: keep your foam core board out of the sun for extended periods of time, keep your board in the shade when not in use, if you hit something hard during your ride check your board immediately for dings or gashes before water can seep into the foam core, and conduct a repair as soon as possible.

Rail tape is a common item that is in most SUPers gear bag. Rail tape is typically placed along the edges of a stand up paddleboard to prevent wear where your paddle will inevitably come into contact with the board during a typical stroke. It not only prevents scuffs but can be used to cover scratches and dings after they have occurred. The Naish SUP paddleboard Ding Tape is another way to avoid sending your board to the repair shop for something minor. Ding Tape seals out water to prevent the foam from absorbing moisture and becoming permanently damaged. Ding tape can be applied while in the water without missing a set. For longer lasting repair, remove debris and apply to a dry, wax-free surface.

The FCS Instant Putty Repair product is another great way to repair dings and damage on surf and paddleboards. The putty is made with a fast acting formula that is meant to harden and cure within a short 20 minutes. It is formulated to not be messy, can be activated in any kind of weather, and changes color to let you know when it’s set. You can even use your board in the water while the putty cures.