Caldera Parts and Accessories

Caldera Spa Maintenance and Water Care

Maintenance & Water Care

The hot tub water care systems by Caldera Spas are easy to use and highly affective. Take the guess work out of your water chemistry and keep it fresh and clear with no stress.

Caldera Spa Entertainment System

Entertainment Systems

Music can be so relaxing. Let your personal music selection play over your choice of wireless entertainment systems. If you prefer visual stimuli, equip your hot tub with a TV system to add enjoyment at any time of day.

Caldera Spa Covers & Lifters

Covers & Lifters

If you have a hot tub, you will need a hot tub cover. A well-crafted cover and hot tub cover lift make owning a spa a joy. Search through the selection of various easy-to-use hot tub lifts and choose the one that works best for your hot tub space.

Caldera Spa Steps

Hot Tub Steps

Exit and enter your hot tub in safety and ease with Calderaís spa steps. This set of steps come in a variety of options so you can match them to your hot tub cabinetís exterior. Available in EcoTechÆ, Polymer, and StoneScape models, youíre sure to find an available set of steps that will fit your style.

Caldera Spa CoolZone

Spa Side Accessories

Calderaís spa side accessories include CoolZone, pillows, railings, and umbrellas.

Connextion Remote Control

CONNEXTION Remote Monitoring System

Calderaís remote monitoring system is on the forefront of innovation. Have peace of mind knowing that your spa is operational and taken care of when you are away for extended periods of time.