Pentair In-Line Check Valve R172323


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Product Number: R172323
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Pentair In-Line Check Valve R172323

The In-Line Check Valve is corrosion resistant and is designed to be used with Pentair's Rainbow 300 Series Chemical Feeders. The check valve attaches to the 1/4" tubing and prevents corrosive chlorine or bromine from filling your pool equipment when your system is not running. When your pool or spa system is shut off a small amount of bromine or chlorine continues to dissolve in the feeder. This chlorine/bromine can then flow backwards into your pool heater, filter and pump. This small amount of dissolved chlorine/bromine is highly corrosive due to the very small amount of water in your equipments plumbing. This will cause premature failure of your pool or spa equipment. This check valve prevents any chlorine/bromine from flowing back into your pool or spa equipment preventing unwanted damage and expenses.

This check valve is designed for use with the Pentair Rainbow Chemical Feeder models 300, 300C, 320, 320C and 300-19 but will also work with any other chemical feed system being fed with 1/4" tubing.

Pentair R172323