Pentair Rainbow 300-29X Chemical Feeder R171070


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Product Number: R171070
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Full Description
Pentair Rainbow 300-29X Chemical Feeder R171070

Rainbow Automatic Chlorine/Bromine Feeders are designed to be used with slow dissolving trichlor or bromine tablets only. The feeders is plumbed off-line and retrofits into existing pool systems. It operates on the pressure side of the pump and uses 1/4" feeder hoses that connect to your pool equipment plumbing.

Rainbow Chemical Feeder Features:
  • Commercial, high capacity chemical feeder
  • Off-Line Plumbing
  • Completely enclosed system that doesn't require any special venting
  • Holds (29) 3" Tablets or (237) 1" Tablets
  • Treats Pools or Spas from 80,00 to 322,000 gallons
  • No escaping gases
  • Retrofits into existing pools or spas. Operates on pressure side of pump.
  • Heavy Duty 1/2" feeder hoses, control valve and fittings (Included)
  • 50 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • NSF Listed

Pentair Rainbow R171070