Weld On 747 Pool 'R Spa Glue

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Weld On 747 Pool 'R Spa Glue

Weld-On Pool 'R Spa 747 was developed to meet the professional needs of contractors in assembling PVC piping systems for pool and spa applications. 747 solvent cements that can suit the requirements of any pool and spa projects. Weld-On 747 specialty cement is formulated for use in wet, quick pressurization, flexible joint, and/or pool maintenance and repair applications. 747 Glue is a fast setting, medium bodied, low VOC PVC glue that is perfect for wet or quick pressurization conditions. The Glue is blue and fades to clear in sunlight.

747 Glue Features:
Medium Bodied
Extremely Fast Setting
Ideal for Wet or Quick Pressurization Conditions
Blue (Fades to Clear in Sunlight) Low VOC PVC Cement for all Classes and Schedules through 6" Diameter Interference Fit, Sch. 80 Through 4" Diameter
Available in 1/4 Pint, 1/2 Pint, Pint and Quart Sizes