Pool Frog Bam Algaecide


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Product Number: 01-10-5060
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Full Description
Pool Frog Bam Algaecide

The Pool Frog Bam is a powerful algae preventative that is dispensed into the water through the Pool Frog Model 5400, 6100, XL Pro or Twin mineral systems for 90 day protection against algae.

There are less expensive algaecides available, but their watered-down formulas only work for days at a time and very few offer a guarantee. Just read their labels and it's pretty clear. By summer's end, you'll spend less and have greater protection with Frog Bam!

Pool Frog Bam Features:
  • Swimming pool algae preventer
  • 1 Bottle Treats 15,000 gallons of pool water for 90 days
  • Unique delivery system treats you pool in just 90 minutes of circulation
  • Eliminates daily and weekly dosing
  • For use with Pool Frog 5400, 6100, XL Pro and Twin Mineral Systems Only
King Technology 01-10-5060