Pool Ozonators

Pool Ozonators

Swimming pool ozonators or pool ozone generators are a great sanitizer option for providing your swimming pool with safe, clean water using 60-90% less chlorine than a traditional chlorine-based sanitation system. Ozone is generated when an oxygen molecule is broken apart by electrical energy which starts a chemical reaction. A high-energy electrical discharge causes an oxygen molecule to split and divides it into two separate oxygen atoms. These atoms then unite with the remaining oxygen molecules and create a three-atom molecule of ozone. There is a weak bond that holds the molecules together and it is very unstable which allows it to work great as an oxidizer. When these molecules collide with contaminants in your swimming pool (like bacteria, algae, etc.), the unpleasant elements are eliminated and just leave behind an oxygen molecule.

Ozone helps oxidize the contaminants in your swimming pool water and cuts down the amount of chlorine you need to keep the water healthy. With a properly sized pool ozone system running at least six hours a day, your water will be easier to keep clean. Pool ozone is produced by water moving through the system so the pool pump needs to run for at least six hours a day for it to be effective.

With chlorine levels that are 60-90% lower than with a traditional chlorine system, you can avoid sometimes unpleasant chemical smells and avoid unpleasant symptoms like itchy skin or eyes. Pool ozone is a great option for those looking for a low chemical sanitizing option for their pool that is fairly low maintenance.

The only byproduct of ozone is oxygen, unlike its chemical counterparts. Choose from any of our Del Ozone ozonators and enjoy the peace of mind brought on by an ozone sanitized swimming pool.