Pool Pals Deluxe 12' Safety Pole


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Product Number: PL3281
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Full Description
Pool Pals Deluxe Safety Pole

The Deluxe Safety Pole is required for use with Life Hooks or Rescue Hooks that are designed to attach to the end of a pole. The purpose of a Safety Pole is to create a solid attachment to the Life Hook that won't detach like a telescopic pole in the event they are required to be used and are being pulled on by the person being helped. The 12' Safety Pole is a 2 part assembly that easily attaches together  to create a sturdy and solid connection.

  • 12' Safety Pole
  • Required for use with Life and Rescue Hooks
  • Solid Pole that won't detach when pulled on like telescopic poles
  • 2 Part assembly that assembles in minutes
  • Includes Hardware