Pool Skimmers and Weirs

Pool skimmers and weirs are important for both in-ground and above-ground pools alike. They are a helpful tool that pulls in the top layer of surface water in your pool and uses tension to filter out any lingering debris you don’t want to be swimming in, leaving it behind in a basket before it’s able to sink to the bottom of the pool where it would need to be vacuumed out.

A weir is a flap inside of the skimmer that pivots and rotates to collect floating organic manner like leaves, bugs, and other waste. It is then filtered into a basket while cleaning the water in through the filtering system and letting it recycle back out in with the rest of the pool water. A pool skimmer and weir make the job of keeping your pool clean a lot easier.

While most pool skimmers and weirs are installed right into the side of an in-ground pool, above-ground pool skimmers are placed on the exterior as an aftermarket addition, in most instances. Sunplay carries brands that work for either type of pool from manufacturers like Pentair, Swimline, Waterway, Hayward, and Custom Molded Products, among others. Be sure to choose a model that is compatible with your pool construction and the material from which it is fabricated, i.e. concrete, vinyl, fiberglass, etc.