ProTeam 3" High Tech Tabs - 50 Pounds


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Product Number: C002418-PL50
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Full Description
ProTeam 3" High Tech Tabs

The Advanced High Tech Tabs provide higher chlorine efficiency and advanced borate technology. This unique formula offers enhanced swimmer comfort by improving the feel of the water and can maintain the correct sanitizer levels while using less product. They are manufactured using a unique process that eliminates the need for gums and binders that will help prevent automatic feeders from becoming clogged and clogged up by lower quality tablets.

  • High Tech Chlorinating Tablets for Swimming Pools
  • Advanced borate technology improves swimmer comfort
  • Produces higher chlorine efficiency
  • Reducers pool operating costs
  • Helps to reduce pH change
  • Manufactured without using gums or binders to hold the tablets together
  • Won't gum up or clog your chlorine feeder
  • MaIntains correct sanitizer levels while using less product
  • Continued use will make water gentle on swimmers eyes and skin by making the water feel soft and comfortable
  • 50 Pound Bucket


  • Trichloro-s-triazinetrione 91.5%
  • Disodium Biborate Pentahydrate 5.0%
  • Other Ingredients 3.5%
  • Total 100%