Proteam Brominating Tablets 1.5 lbs


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Product Number: C003936-CS20B1
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Proteam Brominating Tablets 1.5 lbs

Proteam Brominating Tablets have a strength rating of 98%! Compare these bromine tablets to any other brands on the market and you will see that these are the longest-lasting, strongest tablets available for your spa. Not to mention, Sunplay has the best online prices for all Spa Pure products.

Proteam Brominating Tablet Features:
  • Active Ingredient - 98% Bromochloro
  • Bromine tablets dissolve slowly and evenly in spa feeders, dispensers, and floaters
  • Provide constant sanitization for your spa
  • Just as effective as chlorine, but not as harsh on your spa or skin
  • Odor-Free, no strong smells
Dosage Amount:
Your spa should require three bromine tablets per every 300 gallons of water when using a floating tablet feeder or automatic brominator. Add three tablets every 5-7 days, or as needed, to maintain the proper active bromine residual level of 2 ppm.

Note: If you compare Proteam chemicals with other spa chemical manufacturers, you'll quickly discover that Proteam Bromine Tablets offer the best value for the money.