ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up 1 lb


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ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up 1 lb

ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up quickly increases the alkalinity in your spa. Total alkalinity buffers pH levels, which may help to prevent "pH bounce." When your alkalinity is properly balanced, spa water is less likely to damage your spa through corrosion or scale. The proper range for total alkalinity should fall between 100 - 120 ppm.

Alkalinity is essential to balancing spa water. Alkalinity serves as a buffer, rendering water that is less aggressive to the spa equipment, shell, plumbing, as well as bathers.

If you seem to be adjusting the pH often, test your total alkalinity and make the necessary adjustments. Also, the use of ProTeam Gentle Spa will help keep a balanced pH and buffer alkalinity.

ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up Directions:
  1. Test your spa's water frequently, at least once a week, and make the necessary adjustments.
  2. Turn on your spa's circulation system, or jets.
  3. Add 2 oz of Alkalinity Up per 200 gallons of water to increase total alkalinity by 40 ppm.
Note: If you compare ProTeam chemicals with other spa chemical manufacturers, you'll quickly discover that ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up offers the best value for the money.