ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock 2.2 Lbs


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Product Number: C003938-CS20B3
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ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock 2.2 lbs

ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock is a high-quality, fast-acting non-chlorine oxidizing shock for spas. ProTeam's ingredients promote maximum sanitizer efficiency, eliminating contaminants and waster from the spa water. Frequent use of this Shock will leave your water clean and clear with no noxious odors. Spa Oxidizing Shock is safe for all surfaces and is compatible with bromine, chlorine, mineral, and ozone sanitizers. The shock is not a sanitizer or an algaecide.

ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock Directions:
  • Turn on spa's circulation system
  • Add 1.5 oz (two tablespoons) for every 200 gallons of spa water. Broadcast the shock over the surface of water.
  • Continue water circulation for 15 minutes, with cover open, if possible.
  • Spa may be used as soon as 15 minutes after shocking it.
Spa Oxidizing Shock will not raise calcium or cyanurate levels.

Note: If you compare Proteam chemicals with other spa chemical manufacturers, you'll quickly discover that ProTeam Spa Oxidizing Shock offers the best value for the money.