QCA Spas GT-289 Hot Tub


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Product Number: GT-289
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Full Description
QCA Spas GT-289

The spacious, 8-person QCA Spas GT-289 gives you the feeling of luxury at a much more affordable price. The Performance Series boasts high-end technical equipment and stylish design to completely indulge your senses. Just a few of this popular spa’s features are contoured bucket seats in each corner, three bench seats, and one step or cool down seat, with each seat offering a variety of massage possibilities. With 61 jets and two powerful, energy-efficient pumps, you can focus on hydrotherapy and ultimate relaxation. Your neck, back, legs, and feet will thank you as the precise placement of each jet targets those pressure points that make you feel completely relieved. Say “goodbye” to aches and pains as the warm water and buoyancy take over.

QCA Spas Use Quality Components

The Lucite-Xtra Acrylic spa shell of the GT-289 is created with the Dura-Bond 4-layer strengthening process, combining high-density material that’s reinforced with a fibrous chop. The DuraFrame spa cabinet is designed to be tasteful and maintenance-free, complimenting the spa’s surroundings and providing years of durability. The frame uses galvanized, powder-coated steel and the synthetic wood panels are even reversible, so if one side gets damaged it can easily be flipped over and reattached, making the spa look new again. The GT-289’s jets are powered by two 2-speed energy-efficient spa pumps and an air flow control system that allows air to be added to the jets to increase the powerful massage. Spa maintenance is simple with automatic filter cleaning cycles, freeze protection, and automatic heating systems.

Top-Side Control

You can easily access the top-side controls from inside or outside of the GT-289 spa. Balboa’s four-button Soft Touch control panel adjusts the temperature, pump, and light. The Soft Touch control pad also features diagnostic read-outs in the LED display.

QCA Spas Energy Saver System

All QCA Spas feature the Energy Saver System, a frictional heat recovery system. This energy-efficient design allows the recycled heat that is generated by the pumps to be trapped inside the cabinet in order to assist warming the spa’s shell and water from the inside, which saves you money. The spa’s 4KW heater includes self-protection from overheating in all weather conditions, thanks to M-7 technology.


  • 8 Person Spa with No Lounger
  • 82" Length x 82" Width x 36" Height
  • 465 Gallons U.S.
  • 240 Volts
  • 50 Amps
  • 4 Kilowatt Heater
  • 61 Jets (Including 14 Jet Turbo Massage)


  • Lucite-Xtra Acrylic with Dura-Bond 4-layer strengthening process
  • Maintenance-Free Dura-Frame Spa Cabinet
  • Rigid insulated,weather-resistant locking hard cover
  • Heat Recovery System which exceeds the California Energy Compliance Mandate
  • Digital Electronic Topside Control from Balboa
  • Three contoured, comfortable QCA Spas logo pillows approx. 10 inches in length.
  • Inline chemical feeder and built-in filter
  • Ozone-Ready
  • Air Flow Control System
  • Standard Light (12-Volts)
  • Includes Cascading Waterfall ($349.95 value)


  • One huge 14 nozzle turbo massage jet
  • Two foot massage jets
  • Seventeen adjustable dual corner back jets with directional and mini massage.
  • Fifteen directional lower and mid-back (adjustable) / mini massage jets in the bench seating and recliner for ultimate pleasure
  • Five large vortex jets (adjustable)
  • Two large rotational jets (adjustable)
  • Two fixed euro pressure/ozone jets
  • One dedicated fixture for ozone recovery
  • One Cascading Waterfall (adjustable)
  • Two shoulder and neck massage jets (adjustable)


  • Two Pumps, Two-Speeds, Low/High-Power for each pump
  • 4.2 Max Brake Horsepower Hi-Flow
  • Quiet operation
  • Low cost circulation speed
  • ETL & CE Listed

Manufactured in the U.S.A.