Red Leopard Professional Duo-Brush


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Product Number: F10016
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Red Leopard Professional Duo-Brush

The Duo-Brush featurse a unique, ergonomic design that allows you to say goodbye to back breaking maneuvers that you commonly perform when using a conventional brush. The Duo-Brush is easy ot move around the pool and has a fan of bristles from the front to the make. The bristles are layed out like a fan to allow different parts of the brush to easily reach different areas of the pool.

The front and center bristles come into action as the Duo Brush transitions to the floor. The fan design ensures the bristles, unlike a conventional brush, do not collapse as the brush goes through the transition. The rear bristles also allow the underside of the pool coping to be brushed and they do most of thw work on the walls. The angled bristles at each end are unique; no other brush has bristles that extend beyond the brush frame. This makes it easy to access those tight areas and corners of the pool.

The Duo-Brush is built to last with a stainless steel handle, 20,000 nylon bristles and durable easy spring clip. 


  • Pool brush with bristles from the front to the back
  • Ergonomic design makes moving around the pool easy
  • Stanless steel handle that is angled to allow a natural, upright position when brushing the pool
  • Side bristles extend beyond the frame for easy access to tight areas and corners
  • Attaches to any standard swimming pool pole
  • 18" Wide with over 20,000 bristles that are 4" long

Red Leopard 60106
Red Leopard F10016