Scumball - Two Pack


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Product Number: HV-SB2PK
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Full Description

Scumball - Two Pack

The Scumball removes organic materials like body oils, lotions, and other residue from pools and spas. The Scumball’s unique molecular structure attracts and absorbs oils/scum. This increases the length of time you can go between cleaning your spa and its filters.

Product features:

  • Unique patented molecular structure
  • Attracts/absorbs oils and scum
  • Works to eliminate waterline scum rings
  • Increases time between water maintenance
  • Prolongs filter life
  • 2-pack

Directions for use:

  1. Place Scumball in the pool skimmer or free-float in the spa water
  2. When the product is saturated, replace with new one
  3. Replace Scumball at least every 30 days

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