SeaKlear Spa Filter Cleaner & Degreaser - 32 ounces


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Product Number: 1140201
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Full Description
SeaKlear Spa Filter Cleaner & Degreaser

Filter Cleaner and Degreaser is safe and effective at removing deep down oils, grime, scum, scale and other debris from hot tub filter cartridges. The non-acid-based fast cleaning formula only requires a one hour soak time to remove all the gunk and waste.

Filter Cleaner and Degreaser Features:
  • Removes deep down oils, scum, scale, grime, lotions and other debris
  • Non-acid-based formula that is safe for all types of filters
  • Restores filter efficiency for optimal performance
  • One hour soak time for faster cleanings
  • 32 Ounce Bottle

Dosage Amount:
  • 16 Ounces of this product to a large, clean plastic buck mixed with water to fill the bucket.