SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier – 16 ounces


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Product Number: SKS-B-P
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Full Description

SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier – 16 ounces

SeaKlear Spa Natural Clarifier’s formula works by naturally clearing up cloudy water and removing unwanted contaminants that the filter can’t remove on its own. It also increases clarity by getting rid of oils, scum, metals, and other organic debris.

Product features:

  • All-natural formula that clarifies spa water
  • Remove unwanted oils, metals, and scum
  • Compatible with all water sanitizing systems
  • Polyacrylamide-free formula
  • 16 oz. bottle with a convenient squirt top dispenser

Suggested dosage:

  • 1 oz./500 gallons of spa water (double or triple the dose for cloudy water)