SmartPool EZ Light Solar Powered EZ3WPV20


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Product Number: EZ3WPV20
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Full Description
SmartPool EZ Light Solar Powered EZ3WPV20

EZ Light will be an extravagant addition to your beautiful pool. In the night your pool will be illuminated with full, brilliant light for a whole nights worth of fun. This light can illuminate a 24 foot above-ground round pool.

However, a light is just the beginning of its many wonders. This unique lighting system has an EZ return fitting that acts as a dry port to many other desirable EZ accessories. This allows access to power without the worry of electrical outlets near the water or the trouble of extension cords. The system operates on solar power energy.

Features and Details:
  • Fits most rigid and soft-sided pool walls (outside of pool).
  • White LED lights a 24 foot above-ground round pool.
  • Moveable threaded return fitting, includes adapter for pressure cleaner.
  • 1.5" Threaded Housing that accommodates multiple fitting types.
  • Photo-Voltaic solar panel.
  • Photo-Voltaic solar panel socket.
Photo-Voltaic Solar Panel Features:
  • 1 day of charge provides 2-3 cycles of operation.
  • Adjustable angle to maximize sun exposure.
  • Dual mounting system.
  • Removable ground stake.
  • Post mount attach to fence, utility post or shed.
  • 20 foot cord.

SmartPool EZ3WPV20